Weighing the Benefits of Transitioning to VDA FMEA: Addressing Weaknesses in the AIAG RPN

While the AIAG-VDA Harmonized FMEA Handbook was initially published in 2019, many organizations are still reluctant to adopt the new methods, even knowing early adoption may be in their best interest in view of the inevitability of the format being required by automotive OEMs and current CSRs starting to indicate that that time is in the not-so-distant future.  While there are plenty of online resources to deride the new format in favor of the AIAG 4th edition format that they’re used to, at IntellaQuest, we felt compelled to deep dive into some of the more positive aspects – such as the improvements that the VDA approach has made to the AIAG RPN to better evaluate risk and prioritize mitigating actions. 

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