People Training, Development & Tracking System

PeopleQuest ensures each person is competent for the role and responsibility that they have with the company. It provides management of people training, development and tracking, for both training in courses and for controlled documents.

Challenges Addressed

PeopleQuest Solves the Challenges of People Training and Development Management with…

Complete Training Management

Completely manage every employee’s training to ensure they are trained and competent for their job. From their orientation when they onboard and through all new job assignments. One system for a complete picture of all employees

Easily Manage Job Profiles

Establish the required skill sets and training for each job and groups of jobs across the organization

Simply link training needs to job profiles

Link each job description to specific training needs

Complete Visibility on Training Records

Complete Record History on Jobs, Personnel profiles, Training records, etc.

Both Course and Document Training managed

Set up training for courses or use the integration to DocuQuest module to manage training on documents

Training Dashboard based on Organizational Heirachy

Monitor training across your area of responsibility or the entire organization to ensure compliance

All Training Management in one Place

Easily manageable training plans, schedules, courses and on-the-job training needs for every employee

Effectiveness & Competency Tracking

Measure and track training effectiveness and competency

Employee & Supervisor Driven Training Management

Delegate full management, responsibility & accountability to the supervisor and employee

LMS Integration Ready

Integrate to any Learning Management System for training content

Automatic Organization Charts

Automatic generation of organization charts based on authority levels

Automatic Email Notifications

Set up auto alerts anywhere in the system to drive required actions. Configurable employee and supervisor email notifications for outstanding or overdue training events to drive to completion

Security Setting

Training records available on position in organization of each person, fully configurable

Easy Audit Compliance

Ensure legal, financial and regulatory compliance through automated review cycles and auto generated history

Powerful Reporting & Data Analytics with Power BI Integration

IntellaQuest Power BI Integration provides any report you want, the way you want it.

Training Cost Management

Flexible training costs and training cost reporting

History & Traceability

Full traceability of all changes made

Collaboration Portal

Provide secured access via the Collaboration Portal to external parties allowing for truly collaborative work for training required by external parties (Suppliers, Contractors etc.)

PeopleQuest Integrated Across Intellaquest Applications


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