Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry has multi-faceted operations that demand food quality and safety at every level of the product lifecycle from supplier to retail, production to packaging, etc. This includes cleanliness and maintenance of manufacturing plants and production equipment, the use of suitable and safe chemicals, proper disposal of waste materials, etc.

Consumers’ awareness of raw materials, chemicals, hygiene, nutrition and the environmental impact of production has tremendously increased in the last few decades. They are more informed and conscious of what they would be consuming. Customers have time & again put their trust in brands that have proven that consumer safety, food quality, industry compliance and regulatory requirements are non-negotiable for them.

Food and Beverage companies need to have a solution that automates their processes, maintains all food product and label compliances,  ensuring audits and inspections happen for all points of the food supply chain. IntellaQuest with its specific and aligned solutions helps food and beverage companies to become more efficient, ensure safety & quality and to meet all compliance requirements.

IntellaQuest’s integrated QMS and EHS Management System can help automate these business process workflows. Here are some of the key features:

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