Success factors for companies in the automotive industry are closely linked to product consistency, process efficiency, quality, reliability, and performance. Meeting specific industry standards that align with automotive quality management systems is imperative.

IntellaQuest helps the automotive industry with intelligent data analysis, efficient supply chain management, increase quality and safety of production parts, etc. IntellaQuest’s integrated QMS and EHS Management System can help automate these business process workflows. Here are some of the key features:

Companies in the automotive industry are looking at vehicle electrification, connectivity, and big data analytics and at the same time, demand for producing green products with reduced environmental footprints has been on the rise to improve EHS performance.

IntellaQuest’s solutions such as PPAPQuest, SupplierQuest, EHSQuest, RiskQuest, etc. can provide a solution for automotive companies to strive for quality and safety.

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Building Better PFMEAs: How Cross-Functional Teams and Software Solutions Can Help

Are you tired of working in silos and struggling to align your PFMEA, Control Plan, and work instructions? Our new article explores how cross-functional teams and software solutions like FMEAQuest can help you identify potential risks, implement controls, and minimize the risk of IATF findings. Request a demo or try our software today and start building better PFMEAs!

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PPAP is a critical step in the automotive supply chain that is meant to ensure the quality of parts being produced by suppliers. The PPAP process is used by automotive OEMs to verify that the parts produced by suppliers meet their specifications, quality standards, and other requirements. However, submitting PPAP can be a challenging process, and there are many reasons why OEM customers reject initial PPAP submissions. Read on to learn more.

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SPC is widely used in manufacturing industries but can also be applied to other processes, such as service industries or healthcare. We explore the key concepts of SPC and its applications, as well as the benefits and limitations of the method - and how the implementation of SPC can be streamlined with our new InspectionQuest application.
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